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American Eagle Business Services

American Eagle Business Services is an Accounting, Tax and Management Consulting company for small business's and companies. We provide quality business consulting, tax preparation, basic accounting services as well as individual income tax planning and preparation services
Founded in northwestern Pennsylvania in 1985, American Eagle Business Services is undergoing changes and constantly re-inventing itself and evolving to meet today's business and economic challenges.
A new challenge for all of us has been Covid-19. Due to health reasons, I will be wearing a mask, gloves if required and maintaining social distancing as much as possible. Where ever possible we will use digital communications to transmit information between parties to reduce contact.
What to expect in the future....

I have returned to Pennsylvania and have reopened the business in Clarion, PA at 408 Main Street, caddy corner to the Court House. 
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What is a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor?

A QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor has been trained and certified by Intuit to work with customers to solve their accounting problems. He or she is the person to call if you have any technical accounting questions about your QuickBooks software. QuickBooks certified ProAdvisors are also known as Intuit Certified Advisors (ICA), Intuit Certified ProAdvisors (ICPA) and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors (QCP). How do I find a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor?

Get the Most Out of Your Bookkeeping and QuickBooks. Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business. If you’re not taking good care of your books, you’re leaving money on the table. But there’s more to bookkeeping than simply entering transactions into a system. There are other important aspects of bookkeeping that you need to know about. For example, what are your best practices for keeping accurate records? And how do you avoid common errors?

Payroll on Quickbooks

Payroll software is very important for the organization as it will help them to process the payroll data in an accurate manner and to keep the data confidential. The software will also make it easier for the payroll administrator to maintain the data. Employee Benefits Benefits are paid to employees by the employer in order to provide health insurance, medical benefits and other benefits to the employees. Flexible Work Arrangements An employee may have the flexibility to work at home or at any time.
To successfully expand our business will of course take time. I am constantly reviewing new software that will make my job easier while providing the answers to many of your questions. I have added a new computer system at my home office as well as a new lap top that will provide us with not only the best processing possible, but allows us to remain mobile as well.
As I said earlier, all of this takes time, but we all know where we are going ..."As we soar up on the wings of eagles".. our future looks brighter than ever. Hope you can come and join us for a great flight and don't make those financial decisions on a whim......Pick-up the phone and call Jim.
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